Le ParisienTimothée Boutry (text), Philippe de Poulpiquet (photo)
This 50 year old Frenchman, an adventurer at heart and an ingenious entrepreneur, moved to the great Ukrainian port, where he has opened a café and is the only one to offer Italian-style ice cream. Since the war broke out, David has stopped charging customers. Portrait of a generous and endearing man.

If the war gets too close, there’s one thing he won’t give up: his Italian ice machine. “They can chase me with a helicopter or a tank, but I won’t let it go. It has cost me too much money and too much energy,” laughs David Carbonell, who prefers to take the tragic lightly in order to better face it.

This 50-year-old Frenchman has been living for a year in Odessa, the large Ukrainian port on the Black Sea under threat from the Russian army. In case of an attack, this adventurer who opened a “French café” in this dynamic city will go to safety, but with his famous machine bought for 13,000 euros (including customs duties) a few months ago…