We are located in Odessa, Ukraine. Our founder is a citizen of the russian federation, who cut all his russian passports to pieces in the early days of the war in Ukraine.

Our company stopped any cooperation with russian organizations, closed all its sites aimed at the russian audience, and right now is developing a new direction: NFT collections and online communities using Web3 technologies. Part of the profits go to support Ukraine and its citizens.

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Articles and Interviews About Our Activities
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Le ParisienTimothée Boutry (text), Philippe de Poulpiquet (photo)15 Mar, 2022
War in Ukraine: at David's café, a Frenchman based in Odessa, everything is on the house
This 50 year old Frenchman, an adventurer at heart and an ingenious entrepreneur, moved to the great Ukrainian port, where he has opened a café and is the only one to offer Italian-style ice cream. Since the war broke out, David has stopped charging customers. Portrait of a generous and endearing man.
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