On Sale
Unique NFTs as a tribute to the people of Odessa, but also to those who support the entire Odessa region in a humanitarian way, and where everyone is ready to fight until their last breath to protect this beloved city.

Odessa, the pearl of the Black Sea, Odessa at war since February 24, 2022. Odessa, the multi-cultural Ukrainian city attacked, the city where it was good to live, the city of humor, the city where people like to meet regardless of their religion, culture or ethnicity.

  • Frenchbox StampDelivery of Physical Objects
    Some NFTs contain a gift that will be unlocked upon purchase: a Ukrainian postage stamp featuring David, which will be delivered by mail with a card signed by David Ed Carbonell himself. 20% of the entire collection contains this gift.
  • Invitation codeUnlocks Premium Access
    Each NFT contains a unique invitation code, which can be used to gain premium access to one of the communities created by the SAVART Agency. Note that by default, it can only be used for one project, but we have randomly selected some NFTs with unlimited codes.
  • Win a weekend in OdessaParticipation in the Prize Draw
    By purchasing an NFT, you are entered into a draw for an unforgettable, all-inclusive trip. We will notify you one week in advance of the draw date. Since we cannot predict when this war will end, you will decide when you want to travel.
  • Support for UkraineHumanitarian Mission
    David Ed Carbonell's bakery-cafe (Frenchbox) is the site of various humanitarian activities on a daily basis. Since the beginning of the conflict, pastries and beverages are offered free of charge to all visitors. The Frenchbox bakery-café has become a humanitarian aid center that also supplies the neighboring town of Mikolaiv, the last bastion that prevents Russian troops from advancing on Odessa. David Ed Carbonell himself makes the humanitarian deliveries to Mikolaiv assisted by his team of volunteers. With Mikolaiv under siege and bombardment by the Russians on a daily basis, it is obvious that they are risking their lives on every mission. A significant percentage of the sales of this collection of NFTs will be used to support the various humanitarian efforts of David Ed Carbonell (Frenchbox).